Contract Instructor Spotlights

We are excited to announce our Instructor Spotlight series, where we will highlight our exceptional instructors, so you may get more insight about who they are and what makes them such an integral part of our Recreation team!  

Andrea Kendall, Tiny Tots Instructor

FALL, 2020
I have had the pleasure of working with the City of Upland's Tiny Tots Program for the past eleven years. 

Together, with Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Leach, we are able to provide over twenty years of experience each and the tools necessary to prepare your child for Kindergarten. 

We look forward to our 2020-2021 school year and preparing your child in their beginning stages of education.

Chris Pellitteri, Owner Of Upland Martial Arts

FALL, 2020
I am proud to say that since the mid 1990's, my family has been serving Upland the surrounding communities, teaching quality martial arts and the benefits that come with martial arts.  Over the course of of twenty-five years, we have seen three generations train with us.

We have taught classes with Upland Recreation and Community Services for the past ten years.

Our program has always focused on and will continue to focus on confidence, self-discipline, self-defense, honor, and honesty.

The past six months have provided a challenging time for all of us.  Although we have been closed for our regular classes in this crisis, we have continued to provide virtual classes on various internet platforms and through video lessons.  When we are able to do so, we are hoping to see you all in person.  Whether returning or for the first time, we look forward to greeting new and old friends at the Upland Martial Arts Center again soon!

Janine Bissonnette, Owner of Baldy View Gymnastics

I have been the owner of Baldy View Gymnastics for 25 years now!  I started out as that little girl doing gymnastics in the backyard when I was 7 or 8.  From there, I showed up to a gymnastics class provided by Upland Recreation and Community Services and they placed me on a team!  I competed for the Upland Gainers, then, later joined Baldy View Gymnastics Team.

I started coaching gymnastics at Upland Gainers while I attended high school.  After graduating from Cal Poly, Pomona, with a degree in Electrical Engineering, I worked at Boeing in Long Beach, while coaching and judging gymnastics at the same time.  In 1994, I ended up buying my former gymnastics school, Baldy View Gymnastics.  At that time, there were approximately 85 students in the program.  Today, we have 500 students!  Shortly after buying Baldy View Gymnastics, we began offering classes through Upland Recreation and Community Services.

Sandra Farley, Tiny Tots Instructor

FALL, 2020
I have enjoyed teaching Tiny Tots in the City of Upland for the past eleven years.  My passion to teach children has led me to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development and continues to lead me to further my education to better children in our community.

Mrs. Gracie works by my side as my Assistant Teacher.  Together, we work to provide a meaningful experience that will help to build your child's personal interest in learning and preparing for Kindergarten.  Tiny Tots is a wonderful beginning for your child.  Your child's success if our greatest gratification.


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