Accessory Dwelling Units

Upland has launched a new ADU program with resources for homeowners interested in building small backyard homes. Visit to see our resources and a comprehensive step-by-step guide to building your own ADU!

New resources will be free to the public and available both in printed Guidebooks and online.

  • Detailed guides to ADU development in Upland, from initial inspiration to move-in 
  • Interactive activities and exercises to help you plan your ADU
  • ADU calculator to estimate costs
  • A summary of local ADU development standards
  • Stories of ADUs built in your community

What is an ADU?

ADUs (accessory dwelling units), also known as “granny flats,” “in-law units” or “backyard cottages,” come in many shapes and sizes but are always a self-contained home that is smaller than the main house and legally part of the same property. They must have a kitchen, bathroom, and place to sleep, and can range from 220-square-foot studios to 1,000-square-foot homes with multiple bedrooms. (You may have also heard of JADUs – Junior ADUs – which are under 500 square feet within the envelope of the primary home and have a separate entrance, small kitchen, and living space.)

Specific Regulations for ADUs can be found in Upland Municipal Code Section 17.37, here.


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