Water Quality

Water Quality

 The City of Upland Water Division is dedicated to providing its residents with a safe and reliable supply of high quality drinking water. The water delivered meets all State and Federal Drinking Water Standards for quality and safety. To ensure the best quality water possible is produced, the City continually tests Upland's water supply using sophisticated equipment and advanced procedures.

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Upland's Water Sources


  • Groundwater fulfills 59% of our customer's needs.
  • About 3.198 billion gallons of groundwater was pumped from: 
    • 9 City of Upland wells
    • 7 San Antonio Water Company Wells
    • 4 West End Consolidated Water Company Wells 

Surface Water

  • Surface water fulfills 9% of our customer's needs. 
  • Due to the drought conditions in California, only about 461 million gallons was processed through the City's water treatment plant in 2015.

Imported Water

  • Imported water fulfills 32% of our customer's needs.
  • The water flows via the State Water Project to Lake Silverwood, north of the City of San Bernardino.
  • About 1.753 billion gallons of water was imported in 2015. 

Recycled Water

  • The City utilized 232 million gallons of recycled water for green belts and various sites throughout the City. 

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