Construction Application

Construction Permit Application

How do I know I need an Encroachment permit?

An Encroachment permit will be needed for any work within City right of way, changing grade or drainage flows on a property.

How do I apply for an Encroachment permit?

Encroachment Permits

Permits are issued for the work of grading and paving streets, sidewalks and alleys, and of constructing and installing curbs, gutters, culverts, drains, drainage systems, sanitary sewers and appurtenant work. A visual plan will always need to be submitted with the completed permit application.

Permits can be obtained at the Public Works counter at City Hall (460 N. Euclid Avenue, Upland, CA). See documents below for application and requirements.


Who can apply for the permit?

Applicant must be a state licensed contractor with the class license applicable to the work he is going to perform as stated on the permit requirements form.

What are the insurance requirements?

A certificate of insurance shall be required. A general liability insurance policy with single coverage of

$1,000,000.00 minimum is required for all work within the public right of way. Said policy shall name

the City of Upland as an additional insured (A separate endorsement sheet is required with the

insurance policy), and the location and job description must be included on the policy.

How long is a Permit good for?

Permits are issued for 3 month periods. If longer time is needed, Public Works will determine the amount of time that is sufficiently needed to complete the work.

What are the costs?

Base Permit Fee: $325.00. Permit fees will be assessed per duration and extent of work proposed.


What are the Driveway Approach permit requirements? 

Please review the driveway approach information sheet below.


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