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 State of California regulations require all municipal water systems to implement a cross-connection control program. Cross-connections are the physical connection between the potable water system and where a containment hazard exists, such as irrigation systems, fire protections systems, and any other potential or actual hazard connected directly to the main water supply. “Backflow” is the reverse flow from the fixture/equipment back into the drinking water piping.  If improperly protected, if a backflow event were to occur, contaminates could flow back into the City water supply.

Consequently, it is necessary for the City of Upland to establish and maintain a cross-connection control program ensuring all containment devices are protected and tested annually.

To provide the best program possible, the City of Upland has partnered with Backflow Solutions, Inc. or BSI, the nation’s leading backflow data management firm, to help with this endeavor. BSI is fully devoted to helping public water systems with the development, implementation, and maintenance of cross-connection control programs.

As of 10/01/2017, BSI will be sending backflow assembly due and past due notifications on behalf of the City of Upland. Your contractor will be informed of the new program procedures as well, as they will now have to submit your test results online via BSI’s system, BSI Online. Please contact BSI via email (bsionline@backflow.com) or phone (800-414-4990) if you have any questions. You will still need to call your contractor to schedule your annual backflow assembly test.

The City of Upland is proud of the water they deliver to you every day. By working together and cooperating in this critical program, we can further protect our water resources.

For additional information, please see the following links and sample notifications letters.





Sample Notification Letters

Fire Hydrant Flow Test

Fire hydrant flow test is required per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and codes. The flow test will check water pressure and water flow available at the fire hydrant being tested.

Submit the completed Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request Form and your payment to the Cashier in the Finance Department in person or mail to:

City of Upland

Attn: Finance Department Cashier

460 N. Euclid Ave.

Upland, CA 91786

Check should be made out to the City of Upland. Once payment is received, this form will be forwarded to the Water Utilities Division to perform the fire hydrant flow test. The results will be available within 10 business days.  If you have any questions regarding the Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request Form, please call (909) 291-2930.


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