Weed Abatement

Weed Abatement FAQ

Why have I received an Abatement Notice?

 A notice is sent when a violation creating a nuisance/fire hazard exists on your property. The photos and/or description on your notice depict the hazard. If these photos are not your property, please contact the Weed Abatement Coordinator at (909) 931-4134.

Is green vegetation a fire hazard?

Yes. Most everything will burn including green vegetation and your green vegetation will dry quickly and become an even more hazardous condition in short time. Reducing fuel on your property will provide defensible space and less to burn if there is a fire.

What is an abatement?

Abatement is the removal of the nuisance/fire hazard by a contractor for the City of Upland pursuant with the City of Upland Municipal Code Section 8.12.050.

Will I be charged if I already cleared the violation?

There is a possibility that you cleared the violation right after our inspection therefore you received a notice.

If the property photos provided in the notice is your property, please continue to maintain your property so that violations do not exist at the City’s 2nd inspection of your property.

How much will I be charged for being out of compliance with the City's Weed Abatement Ordinance?

Administrative Fees, citation costs and expenses only apply when a Notice to Comply and Notice to Abate are issued.  Please visit the City’s website at http://www.uplandca.gov/finance-services for the most current fees schedule.

Will I receive an invoice?

No. Any charges accrued from the Weed Abatement Program will be added to your property taxes. Your payment is made to the San Bernardino County Tax Collector on your property taxes just like many government fees are collected like school fees, etc. If you choose to pay in person then please contact the Weed Abatement Coordinator at (909) 931-4134.

What method of abatement is used to maintain my property?

The city contractor will use either one of, or a combination of disking, mowing, or hand crew weed whacking to complete abatement. The city contractor does not and will not use any type of chemicals  to control or eradicate any hazards.

How long must I maintain my property in compliance with the Weed Abatement Ordinance?

All property owners are required to maintain their property free of fire hazards throughout the year. 

How do I know that the City performed work on my parcel?

Photographs will be taken of your property at the time of inspection and before and after a contractor performs maintenance on the property.  These photos will be included in your notifications and/or maintained in the  City’s record of the property.

I sold the property, but I still received a notice.

The property owner information comes from the San Bernardino Tax Assessor. This information is uploaded by the city at the beginning and middle of the year. It takes some time for the Tax Assessor to update their records. If this occurs please forward this notice to the new owner and notify the Weed Abatement Coordinator at (909) 931-4134.

I have native vegetation growing on my property therefore I am not required  to abate.

Removal of dead or dying material, weeds and thinning is required. This requirement also applies to native vegetation

The purpose of weed abatement is to reduce fire hazards  on your property.

What about my neighbor?

Although inspections should cover the entire city there are occasions when a property is missed. Please refer your concern to the Weed Abatement Coordinator at (909) 931-4134.

How can I get additional information or assistance regarding the specific requirements for my property?

Please visit  www.uplandca.gov/weed-abatement  or scan the following QR code.



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