Residential Parking Permits

Residential Information

How do I apply for a Residential Parking permit?

Residential parking permits are issued to only the residents who live in the parking permit areas. No permit will be issued to persons whose address is not included in the list. Permit can be obtained at City Hall. Permits are processed on a "first-come first-served" basis and will be ready 24 hours from submittal.

What is needed?

Applicants are required to show proof of residency. Examples are lease or rental agreement, utility bills, and driver’s license.

What types of permits are available?

There are two types of permits available. There are permanent stickers and guest passes.

The permanent parking stickers are issued to vehicles registered at the address only. The stickers should be applied to the left rear bumper of the vehicle. Vehicle information will need to be verified with vehicle registration.

The guest passes are only to be issued to a resident living at an approved address. They will have their guest display the visitor parking pass on their dashboards when permits are needed. Visitor passes are issued for one year periods.

What is the cost?

Permit Fee: $8 each (up to 5 permits can be issued per residence)


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