Administrative Services Division

Calls for Service

Call Priority Definitions

Priority 1 calls are in-progress emergencies where there is an immediate threat to life or an immediate need for assistance, in-progress or just-occurred suspected felony crimes, or immediate physical threats to persons. This includes calls of a suspicious nature that indicate a likely felony crime in progress or violent act.

Priority 2 calls are in-progress or just-occurred serious misdemeanor crimes, or felony crimes which have occurred with a delay of 10 to 20 minutes prior to the time the call was received.  They also include suspicious circumstances, persons and vehicles.

Priority 3 calls are public nuisance calls, lesser misdemeanors and felony report calls.

Priority 4 calls are misdemeanor report calls.

Priority 5 calls are municipal infraction, non-injury traffic collisions, parking related or public assistance calls.  They also include self initiated calls such as traffic stops and pedestrian checks.

Priority 6 calls are documentation only for property or vehicles that need to be entered into the CLETS system (repossessions and private property impounds).  No field responses are generated for these calls.

Priority 7 calls are information or test calls only. No field responses are generated for these calls. 

Priority 8 calls are animal control related calls that may or may not require police response.





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