Economic Development and Asset Management

Economic Development and Asset Management Services

The Economic Development Division is responsible for developing and administering fiscally sound programs designed to stimulate economic activity and enhance City revenues through business attraction, retention, and expansion by promoting and assisting primary commercial districts within the City in a manner to benefit the residents and general community.  Economic Development is also responsible for asset management and administration, which manages City-owned properties.

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Find out Why Businesses are Discovering Upland!

Join Upland Mayor Bill Velto as we delve into the Upland business community and listen to what our businesses are saying about doing business in our City. You’ll see some familiar businesses and some up and coming ones, too. Our City staff has been seeking out new & exciting businesses for our diverse community and we’re passionate advocates for our business owners. When Upland businesses succeed, the entire City succeeds! We’re proud to share with you what we’ve been building here in Upland. Our film features appearances from Barcuso Social Club, Lennar Homes, Back Abbey & Ford of Upland, Pedego Upland, and Chick Fil A at the Upland Mountain Center.  

Downtown Parking and Business Improvement Area (PBIA)

In the 1960’s, Upland established a business-license based Parking and Business Improvement Area (“PBIA”) and assessed a higher tax on the business licenses of certain businesses that were situated on property within the designated area within the Historic Downtown (Please reference map for the PBIA boundary, which also depicts the PBIA’s two benefit Zones). 

Based on State Law, the formation of a PBIA, an additional levy is assessed on the business licenses of businesses that are located within the PBIA to fund economic development purposes.  The amount of the annual PBIA assessment is determined based the benefit zone the affected business is located within. 

Pursuant to State Law, PBIAs were established to generate funding to provide a variety of services and activities to keep downtowns competitive in the marketplace.  

Since 1993, the City of Upland, and various non-profit business groups created to promote downtown activities, worked cooperatively to provide economic development activities in Downtown Upland, within the City's PBIA. 

Economic activities in the past have included sponsorship's of various promotional and special events; advertising and marketing efforts; and, maintenance of sidewalks and parking lots.  

The PBIA Fund has averaged about $46,000 per year of revenue during the last 5 years.  Based on conservative estimates, the PBIA Fund is projected to receive $43,600 of revenue during Fiscal Year 2018-19. 

In addition, prior to 2012, the City’s former redevelopment agency periodically contributed funding to the preservation, enhancement and development of the Historic Downtown area. 

During the last 5 years, $456,500 of PBIA fund expenditures and allocations have been made for the benefit of the downtown for improvements to include gazebo repairs, electrical repairs, downtown signage, kiosk repairs, bike racks, marking of Thursday Night Market/Family Night Out. Proposed improvements in Fiscal Year 2018-19, includes the rehabilitation and striping improvement of the public parking lot at 1st Street and “A” Street. It is anticipated that the project will require $150,000 to complete. 

We continue to support economic development activities in the downtown to revitalize our historic core and make it a destination to shop, live, and dine.


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