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Metrolink Bicycle Locker Rentals


Through the Bicycle Locker Program residents may rent bicycle lockers located at the Metrolink. There are a total of 16  bicycle lockers available for rental. Locker rental availability is based on the total of locker vacancies. Bicycle lockers are rented in 6 month increments. Applications may be renewed if no waiting list is pending. If an application is renewed the deposit will be rolled over to the next rental. However, if a rental is canceled and then reapplied at a later date a new deposit must be given.

Requirements of the Applicant:

 1) Show proof of a bicycle license issued through the Police Department 
      Location: 1499 W. 13th Street, Upland, CA 91786
      Main Line: (909) 946-7624

2) Complete a Bicycle Application

  • Provide name, address, and phone numbers

  • Read thoroughly to ensure comprehension of Terms of Agreement

  • Provide Signature and Date 

3) Submit Application to the Public Works Department and Pay Locker Deposit of $25 (please make checks payable to City of Upland)

       Location: 1370 N. Benson Avenue, Upland, CA 91785
       Main Line: (909) 291-2930

For Additional information about Bicycle Locker Rentals, contact the Public Works Department.


460 N. Euclid Avenue
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 931-4100

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.