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Tree Donations

Tree Donation Program

The Tree Donation Program is a program that offers residents the ability to have a tree planted or trimmed when funding is unavailable or when the resident would like to have the work done ahead of designated scheduling. To request to have a tree planted or trimmed through the Tree Donation Program, please contact the Public Works Department at (909) 291-2930.

Donation Program Pricing

  • Tree Trimming: $150 per tree
  • Tree Planting: $253 (24” box)

Donation Program Process

  • Step 1: Contact the Public Works Department with your request to participate in the donation program.
  • Step 2: A City representative will go out to inspect the parkway location to determine if it is appropriate for tree planting.
  • Step 3: After inspection and/or approval of parkway area, the resident will be instructed to bring in donation amount for the tree installation work.
  • Step 4: Donations for either trimming or tree replanting must be submitted to the City of Upland Public Works Department located at 1370 N Benson Ave. The check must identify the donation purpose and location.
  • Step 5: Upon receipt of the donation amount, the request will be submitted to the City's contractor for scheduling. It normally takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete the request.

For information about tree maintenance, click here.


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