Budgeting & Financial Reporting


The City of Upland has achieved an important advancement in passing its first-ever Biennial Budget! This innovative Two-Year Budget for the 2024/2025 and 2025/2026 fiscal years allows for a longer-term financial outlook, enhancing the efficiency and strategic planning of City projects.

The City Council has taken decisive fiscal actions to drive Upland’s financial improvements and efficiencies. Notably, they allocated nearly $2.5 million in one-time savings this past spring, which supported the balancing of the FY 24/25 and FY 25/26 budgets. Under the steadfast leadership of the City Council and City Manager, Upland is consistently meeting and addressing its fiscal challenges.

The City takes pride in its departments’ increasing ability to deliver exceptional services with the available resources. The ongoing improvement to services is directly proportional to recent revenue growth, and we are committed to seeking additional revenue sources to further enhance the quality of life in Upland. Prioritizing quicker 9-1-1 police response times, faster and more frequent street repairs, and citywide infrastructure improvements are top priorities we are actively working on for the future.

For FY 24/25, the operating budget stands at $61.3 million in the General Fund and $164.4 million across all funds, with $60.2 million earmarked for capital projects. For FY 25/26, the operating budget increases to $63 million in the General Fund and $167.1 million across all funds, with $22.8 million dedicated to capital projects. These budgets will support essential operational and capital improvement needs, reflecting a modest increase in service levels compared to the previous fiscal year.

The preparation of this budget has been a collaborative effort involving all departments and their staff, with significant support from the Mayor, City Council, and City Treasurer. Their dedication ensures that Upland’s finances are managed with the highest standards of professionalism and fiscal prudence.

Monthly Financial Reports

The City of Upland prepares monthly financial reports which are presented to City Council during City Council Meetings.


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