Budgeting & Financial Reporting

Residents' Priorities Reflected in New City Budget

The Upland City Council approved a $146 million fiscal year 2022-2023 budget on June 13, 2022. Of those funds, $37.5 are for capital projects, including over $15 million to repair and replace cracked and pot-holed streets, and $15.4 million to repair and add infrastructure to ensure clean safe drinking water for our residents.

Other highlights include adding funding for four part-time park rangers who will help keep our parks safe. We retained last years’ budgeted Corporal Program, where five positions were reclassified to the corporal/detective level and four police officer positions were added. The positions provide for additional operational over-sight and supply a 20 percent increase in patrol staffing per shift, resulting in improved public safety and a faster response to 9-1-1 emergencies. Despite the increase in budgeted police officer positions, Upland still has fewer budgeted Police Department positions than in 2010.

Upland has been allotted $15.2 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Prior to determining how the funds would best be used, the City conducted a survey to determine Upland residents’ and businesses’ top priorities. You prioritized street and sidewalk maintenance as well as public safety, with business development and revitalizing the City’s downtown named as secondary priorities.

With your priorities in mind, City staff crafted our ARPA Investment Plan, which City Council approved in November 2021. The plan and subsequent modifications designated $1 million to rehabilitate and repair City sidewalks; $1 million to rehabilitate alleys; $2.8 million to implement the Corporal Program; $780,000 to increase coverage and replace the existing license plate reader system; and $1 million for small business rental assistance and business assistance and attraction programs. Also included were funding for a website upgrade and mobile barriers to protect residents during special events.

This is the third consecutive year Upland balanced the budget with one-time funds. Upland avoided significant cuts this year due to a $2.44 million transfer of ARPA funds to cover basic and ongoing public safety personnel expenses, allowing Upland to maintain service levels our residents rely on. However, this can’t be sustained for long without additional revenues. Additional outreach is being undertaken to decide our next steps forward – service cuts or generating additional revenue.

Annual Budget

The City of Upland operates on a fiscal year basis from July 1st through June 30th of the following year.  Accordingly, the City adopts an Annual Budget, which begins in July and ends in June.  Work begins on the budget in January of each year as the City reviews the mid-year revenues and expenditures and begins preparing a draft budget for the following fiscal year.  Departmental meetings are held with the Finance Department and the City Manager’s Office during March and April to prepare a preliminary budget for the City Council to review.  In early June, the City meets with the Finance Committee to review the preliminary budget, answer questions, and receive input on the following fiscal year’s budget.  Following the Finance Committee meeting, the final budget is presented to the City Council for adoption.

Monthly Financial Reports

The City of Upland prepares monthly financial reports which are presented to City Council during City Council Meetings.


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