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Upland State of the City Event 2024

The 2024 City of Upland State of the City event was held Tuesday, March 26, 2024. Thank you to the Upland Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to speak directly to civic leaders and the business community at their State of the City event. Thank you also to San Antonio Regional Hospital and the Upland Unified School District, and especially all of the families and students involved, for your collaboration in making this a memorable event.


Upland State of the City Event 2023

The 2023 Upland State of the City was held Tuesday, March 28, 2023.


The City of Upland wishes to thank the City of Upland Chamber of Commerce for another fantastic event.

Upland State of the City Event 2022

Welcome to the 2020-2021 State of the City Presentation

In Spring of each year, the City of Upland co-hosts the State of the City event along with the Upland Chamber of Commerce and community partners. While it wasn’t possible to host the event in spring of 2020 or 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still important to engage and inform the public of the status, goals, and progress that the City Council and staff are working towards on behalf of residents and businesses of Upland. We are pleased to share with you our new online series, titled "Upland Is For You!", which spotlights important topics that impact the City of Upland. We hope that you’ll enjoy learning about the City of Upland and that you are inspired to become engaged in civic discourse and are proud of your home city.

 "Upland is for You!" Episode 8: WE'RE HERE FOR YOU

  Links for topics within Episode 8: WE'RE HERE FOR YOU

Administrative Services                    Development Services

Public Works                                      Police

Human Resources



 Links for topics within Episode 7: MANAGING OUR RESOURCES FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE

City Priorities Survey and ARPA Investment Plan                         Tree Maintenance

Capital Improvement Projects                                                           Street Maintenance

City Budget                                Water Conservation                       Water Quality


 "Upland is for You!" Episode 6: SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS

 Links for topics within Episode 6: SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS

Upland Police Department                         Neighborhood Watch Program

Business Watch Program                          Upland/San Bernardino County Fire

Upland CERT Team                                    Upland Community Resource Center (UCRC) 


 "Upland is for You!" Episode 5: CHARMING & MODERN COMMUNITY

  Links for topics within Episode 5: CHARMING AND MODERN COMMUNITY

San Antonio Regional Hospital                  La Villa Bella (Old San Antonio Hospital)

Upland Unified School District                   Upland Chamber of Commerce 


For information on New Parklets in Downtown Upland or the New Neighborhood Park at 9th & Bodenhamer, please contact Melecio Picazo at


 "Upland is for You!" Episode 4: COMMERCIAL CORRIDORS AND NEW HOMES

 Links for topics within Episode 4: COMMERCIAL CORRIDORS AND NEW HOMES

Current Development Projects                 Comprehensive Monthly Project Listing
Downtown Upland Special Projects        Business Listing  
Zoning Code & Map                                    Historic Homes


 "Upland is for You!" Episode 3: STAYING CONNECTED

 Links for topics within Episode 3: STAYING CONNECTED

City Social Media Channels                                  City Apps
City Department Newsletter                                City Calendar
Upland Today News Magazine                             Adopt a Park or Trail Program
Donation Program                                                  Volunteer at the Animal Shelter
Military Banner Program Facebook                      Upland Veterans Monument
Upland Community Resource Center (UCRC)     Upland Library



"Upland is for You!" Episode 2: FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP


 Links for topics within Episode 2: FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP

Pensions                                                    Budgeting & Financial Reporting

Treasury Management                             City Priorities Survey - SURVEY CLOSED 08-31-2021



"Upland is for You!" Episode 1: LEADERSHIP

 Links for topics within Episode 1: LEADERSHIP

City Council Biographies                          Transparency Portal

Agendas & Minutes                                   Join a Citizen Committee

Fraud Prevention                                       Permit Applications - Citizen Self Service Portal


For questions and comments regarding the State of the City (SOTC) Presentation, please contact the City Manager's Office.



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