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Rain Gardens & Rain Chains Succulent Planter Workshop

Rain Gardens & Rain Chains Succulent Planter Workshop
Saturday, October 17

10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

McCarthy Park, 20th Street & San Antonio Avenue, Upland

Rain gardens are an attractive and sustainable way to direct rainwater from your roof to a low basin by slowing it down with the use of rocks, curves, and low points along the way.  A rain garden design can be as simple as a shallow depression filled with plants that can flourish in both moist and dry conditions.

In our 2-hour workshop, participants will learn about the benefits and importance of a rain garden and how to select California friendly plants to attract birds and wildlife.  To help start your rain garden, participants will learn how to build a Rain Chain Succulent Planter.

The $25 registration fee includes a 3-foot rain chain, succulents, soil, and refreshments.  Limited space available.  Register soon by visiting Rain Gardens & Rain Chains Succulent Planter Workshop.

For additional information, please contact Upland Public Works at (909) 291-2935.  **Please Note Revised Date.**


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